//Company Profile

Nurve networks LLC was founded in 2001 with head quarters in Silicon valley, CA. to develop embedded systems for industrial, educational, gaming, and medical applications. We have developed products ranging from wireless communictions, toys, and gaming systems to medical imaging devices and development boards for large and small companies alike.

Our core interest is developing exciting products for clients and helping them not only with the engineering and development, but with the complexities of manufacturing locally in the USA or abroad. Many of our customers use our off shore manufacturing in china and hong kong to reduce costs considerable and turn a non-viable business model into a profitable one!


Andre' LaMothe with Products and Books

 Founded by andre lamothe; computer scientist, futurist,  game developer, and international best selling author. Mr.  LaMothe holds degrees in mathematics, electrical  engineering, and computer science.


Including embedded  systems, text books, and PC games he has produced over 750 products over the last three decades.

Mr. Lamothe has been programming and developing systems for over 30 years. before founding nurve networks, mr. lamothe was a silicon valley consultant and worked on projects ranging from artificial intelligence at nasa, to rendering algorithms at software publishing corp (SPC), to virtual reality R&D at visions of reality to name a few. he is the former founder/ceo of xtreme games and planetfreestuff.com and has sat on the board of a number of silicon valley companies including free internet trailblazer spinway.com and the world's largest online game development college gameinstitute.com.

A Sample of Mr. LaMothe's Authored Books.
Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus
The Black Art of Video Game Console Design
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus 2nd Edition
Windows Game Programming for Dummies
Teach Yourself Game Programmin in 21 Days
Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus
Game Programming Starter Kit
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus



Our team consists of group of talented and gifted engineers and artists that can take your concept from the drawing board to reality. whether you need a design, prototype, fully functional production product, or complete shrink wrapped products on a palette shipped anywhere on the planet we can make it happen.

the single most pervasive goal of nurve networks since its inception is to bring a number of different sciences together to build the very best product. Unlike many embedded firms that are really good at only one thing, nurve takes the best ideas from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, embedded design, and sythesizes novel and unique solutions to problems. Additional, we are very conscious of aesthetics and human factors in our designs. if something is worth designing, its worth making it look right and be functional not only electrically, but considering human factors as well.



The HYDRA Game Console“we spent 7 years and millions of dollars developing the Multicore Propeller chip...when it came time to build the flag ship launch product "the HYDRA" to show off the capabilities of the propeller chip we came to nurve to make it happen in record time. They not only developed a product that exceeded our expectations, but thru their thourough engineering analysis of the chip showed that it could do things we didn't think it could! Moreover, they developed demos, APIs, samples, firmware, and over 1000 pages of documentation for the product and our internal engineers saving us months of learning curve time for our own chip.”
Ken gracey
VP Parallax inc.

Atari Logo“In a recent project, I was not only impressed with Nurve's knowlege of the state of the art, but also their extensive knowledge of the history of and intimacy of even some obscure games from the early days...not to mention they DEVELOPED an entire game for me in 19 days!”
Nolan bushnell
Founder of Atari. & Chuck e. cheese

Apple Logo  “I have never met a  Programmer as impressive as  andre lamothe. he writes  book after book explaining the tricks of the trade to everyone from young beginners on...There is so much contained in the Black art of 3d game programming -- from 3d graphics, systems programming, and toolboxes to examples and demos -- this is certainly the most complete book ever on 3d game programming.” Steve "the Woz" Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple
Creator of the Apple I/II

“we recently hired nurve networks to design, prototype, and test an array of next generation electronic cigarettes. The complexity of this project spans multiple engineering disciplines in the areas of electrical, mechanical, chemical, materials, polymers, thermal, and much more. Nurve was able to pull off a number of product and prototypes that broke new ground using materials such as ceramics, smart controllers, and many more novel technologies that not only gave us the products we wanted, but an arsenal of IP to patent in the process.” Tony Miranda
VP of Product marketing

“Nurve Networks is an expert in all things hardware and software. As a business owner for many years, Mr. Lamothe and his organization have always exceeded the expectations of clients. His technical expertise and business savvy ensure the experience has a successful outcome time and time again. If you need functional, high-quality solutions, retain the services of Nurve Networks.”
Lorenzo Phillips
CEo renware Inc.

“Andre's books and hardware work have not only been prolific, but have been incredibly inspirational to countless students that have entered the video game business around the world. He's one of the few industry folk that are going to leave a legacy behind them.”
CEO Gaikai Sony Entertainment
Founder of Shiny
Creator of MDK & Earthworm Jim

::What We Offer

At nurve we know that getting a product to market quickly and cost effectively are of paramount importatance in today's volatile marketplace. we will work with you to create both a realistic quote as well as an attainable schedule. We will be honest and realistic with you and find a way to work with your project whatever your budgetary and time constraints are.

::Our Avantages

Multidisiplinary Engeering At nurve we understand that good engineering is a mix of all the disciplines. Unlike many embedded development firms that excell in only one area of engineering, at nurve we have experts in numerous fields, so we can find the best solution to your problem with the lowest cost and highest performance.

Turnkey manufacturing At nurve, we not only design products, but we manufacture them. This is probably our number one advantage to our competitors; a great design and prototype does you no good if you can't build it.

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