We specialize in designing embedded systems from simple controllers to complete computer systems. We can take your specification or idea and develop a complete product including electrical design, PCB, firmware, software, prototype, test suite, documentation and manufacturing plan.

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We are available for consulting on your latest project. Maybe you have portion of the product working, or under development? But, certain technology areas you need some collaboration on? Our diverse and experienced engineers are available and ready to help 24/7.

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Once a product is designed, prototyped, and working, the most challenging aspect of product development is the manufacturing. Nurve has over a decade of experience with both local and off shore manufacturing and we can build your product for a fraction of the cost it would be here in the USA.

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::Hot Projects

Prop C3   we are currently developing Parallax's new Credit card size computer. We have developed the conept, design, firmware, and test protocal.

Wrist watch game console  we are developing a new state of the art wrist watch based game console. The system is powered by an ARM9 processor running linux with motion detection, camera, high resolution LCD display, with wireless internet abilities.

Laser eye surgery overlay device : We are developing a state of the art medical device that takes HD video imagery from the surgical camera and overlays patient information in real-time to help the surgeons concentrate 100% of their attention on a single image/data display.

SMS controlled robotic toy  we are currently developing a new robotic plush toy that receives and displays SMS text messages, understands gestures, and has robotic animatronics all controlled by remote SMS messages sent to it..


Wireless RFID reader  we are currently developing a wireless RFID reader that reads 125Khz tags from a wireless station and send the results to a master server station.



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