//Embedded Design

Embedded design is a complex field since it integrates electrical, digital, analog, RF, control theory, software, hardware and firmware all together. Nurve can help you bring you entire embedded project to life. We have designed and shipped dozens of products over the last decade and can make the process easier on you and help you avoid pitfalls and problems before they occur.


Also, we can manage and support a complete product with not just the embedded design, but industrial and mechanical design as well as the complete project to manufacturing.


We have partners that we have collaborated with for years to get any product job done for you without you piecing it together from multi vendors.

//Electrical Engineering

electrical engineering is the most important part of embedded development. Many embedded firms may be able to integrate off the shelf parts together and devleop a functional product. but when the level of technology requires complex digital, analog, and rf engineering then its time to break out the slide rule and get to work.

Video Overlay Board

nurve is first and foremost a science and r&d shop, when we're not building products for someone else, we are engaging in our own development and tackling complex electrical engineering problems,


So, we know things like fourier, Z, and Laplace transforms. How to use mesh analysis and spice. Understand electromagnetic wave theory and signal reflections. Work the math with matlab, and semicondcutor theory so you don't have to!

//Software Engineering

Software engineering with attitude. When it comes to embedded systems, they don't do much without software! This is one of the most complex areas of product development that is taken for granted, underestimated, and not well understood. Let's face it, "programmers" aren't what they used to be.

CrossWorks ARM

Today, everybody thinks they can code. But, Web programming is not the same as writing an operating system, compiler, or application that has to run in under 4K of RAM. Those are the kinds of problems we can solve for you.

API Layers

Not only can we develop the firmware application that runs on your hardware, but we can develop glue software that connects it to other applications or systems all the way up the chain to top level windows/linux/OS x applications running on PCs or your android and ios.

Atmel Studio 6.0

Our background in high performance gaming means we are very comfortable writing "state-of-the-art" code on the smallest processor with 512 bytes of flash to high performance multicore ARM processors with enormous resources.

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::Programmable Logic Design

Programmable Logic Is is the right choice in many cases where speed, cost, and board size are all issues. If you're currently using a discrete design then looking into programmable logic could decrease your costs, increase your performance, and give you more control over your intellectual property.Spatan Logic Block
Not only can we bring you up to speed with programmable logic. But, we can show you has a programmable design can lead to a full ASIC if required.


We have worked with numerous programmable logic devices including:

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::Mechatronic Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering is the fusion of electrical engineering, mechanical systems, sensors, and robotics. If you have a project that integrates all these systems or a subset we can help.

Here are just a few of the devices and technologies we can help you with:

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Manufacturing a product is without a doubt the most challeging aspect of any project. many very seasoned engineers have never experienced the manufacturing process eventhough they have designed many products.
Chip Place

We can not only manufacture your product and manage the entire process for you, but we can help navigate the myriad of aspects of the process, so you don't loose time or money.

PCB workers

We can design you product or take a previously developed product and get it ready for manufacturing and help you with the "DFM" process -- desing for manufacturing. And then you can hand the product off and we will get it built in one of our off shore manufacturers supporting you with:

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